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Are you tired of dentures that slip, look unnatural, and make chewing a chore? We have the solution! Dr. Gorsky creates custom-fitted, cosmetic full and partial dentures that will have you smiling and eating with confidence in no time!

Dentures & Partials in Tuckahoe, NY

What Are The Benefits of Custom Cosmetic Dentures?

Eating, talking, and laughing are some of life’s greatest pleasures.

Sadly, if you wear traditional dentures that are slipping or uncomfortable, you might be missing out. Many people who wear dentures not only have trouble chewing but also avoid eating in public for fear that their dentures will come loose. Others never feel free to smile because they are embarrassed by the small and unnatural teeth of their dentures. Others find communication a struggle because their dentures interfere with their speech and make odd noises at unexpected times.

Dr. Gorsky offers precision-fitted, cosmetic dentures. Using advanced digital technology to design your new smile, Dr. Gorsky can provide results that are more stable and comfortable than older versions of dentures.

Every full or partial denture created by Dr. Gorsky is dynamically fitted to your face, bite, and jaw. This precision fitting makes the dentures more comfortable and much less abrasive than conventional dentures, with less cramping or fatigue. These dentures let you eat with much more security and speak without discomfort.

Many of our patients tell us that most people never realize they are wearing dentures but think they are natural, healthy teeth.

If you are a candidate for implants, we can also create implant-supported dentures for the ultimate in fit, comfort, and security. Talk to us about our tooth replacement options today!

Types of Traditional Dentures

Depending on your dental needs, we have a denture option that can restore your smile. Dr. Gorsky will evaluate the condition of your smile and discuss your needs and goals before recommending appropriate treatment options. 

Full Dentures for the Edentulous Patient (Missing All Teeth in Either the Upper or Lower Arch)

Traditional dentures are removable and are not secured by dental implants. Traditional dentures include an acrylic base that is custom-made in the dental laboratory to mimic the appearance of natural gums, and this base sits over the gums, holding the denture in place. A complete (full) denture is made after all the teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw have been removed and the gum tissue has healed. Denture paste or adhesive is often used to assist in holding the denture in place. Removable dentures can be removed and cleaned when not being worn.

Partial Dentures for the Patient Missing Multiple Teeth in One Arch

A traditional partial denture is a removable solution for replacing many teeth in one arch when there are still some natural teeth present. In this case, the acrylic base will also contain some metal attachments that wrap around the existing teeth for added support. Partial dentures can also be attached to crowns on either side of the denture. Removable partial dentures can be removed and cleaned when not being worn.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implants can be used to anchor dentures in place, allowing for a smaller base and less shifting of the prosthesis during use. Implants can support both full and partial dentures as well as both fixed and removable dentures.

Denture Recovery and Care

After you receive your dentures, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. With the right routine, you can help your dentures last longer. Furthermore, you will likely have a more comfortable time with your dentures. 

  • Dentures and partials will often need several adjustments in order to fit comfortably.
  • To help yourself adjust to your dentures, you can practice reading aloud for a little while each day.
  • Dentures should be removed overnight or for at least 6 hours a day to give your mouth and gums time to rest.
  • At night, you should remove your dentures and clean them. They should be stored in a clean container filled with denture-cleaning solution.
  • Food particles can become trapped under dentures, causing inflammation or sore spots. Lightly brush the roof of your mouth, your tongue, and your gums after removing your dentures.
  • You may have discomfort for a few days after receiving your final dentures or partials.

Ongoing Care:

  • Brush your teeth and the surrounding tissues after every meal and snack, and floss at least once a day before bedtime. If you have full dentures, brushing the dentures daily is very important.
  • Rinsing your mouth with water or mouthwash will help to remove any additional particles that may have been missed during brushing and flossing.
  • Make sure to visit our office at least once a year to have your dentures or partial adjustments checked by the doctor. Wearing ill-fitting dentures or partials without proper care and adjustment can cause bone loss in the jaw area and oral disease.
  • Please call our office if you are experiencing ongoing pain or discomfort or if you have any concerns regarding your denture or partial.