Repairing Eastchester’s Smiles

Porcelain Crowns

If you have ever experienced the misery of a broken tooth, you know what a crown can do to repair and strengthen your smile. Dr. Graziano uses only the best dental labs to create your custom designed crown so it fits perfectly in your smile.

Why Would I Need a Dental Crown?

We live in a fast-paced world. We eat carbohydrate rich foods and drink acidic beverages. Tension can make us clench and grind our teeth as we sleep or drive. All of this stress on your teeth can eventually lead to broken, decayed or damaged teeth. The good news is that no matter how badly your tooth is decayed or damaged, you don’t have to lose it. Pure porcelain crowns can protect and strengthen even severely damaged teeth.

How do Dental Crowns Work?

Crowns strengthen and support even the most worn down or broken teeth so well because they encase the entire visible part of a tooth, firmly attached to your own tooth beneath. This means the crown is anchored by the tooth’s own roots and the beautiful porcelain crown becomes your tooth’s new outer surface.

The application of a crown is usually completed in two easy visits. At the first visit, we prepare your tooth, removing any decay and getting your tooth ready to receive the crown. We will take impressions and place a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the permanent crown is completed. At your second visit, your beautiful crown will be bonded in place.

You’ll leave with a tooth that feels so natural and looks so much like your own tooth; you may even forget which tooth has been repaired! Call us for your dental crown today!

There are four common types of crowns:


This type of crown is often used for teeth that are visible when smiling as they are made from a porcelain-based material that retains the look of your natural teeth.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

These crowns are known for their strength and durability while also allowing for a natural-looking restoration.

Gold Alloys

These may be used when more strength is needed, particularly for patients who grind their teeth at night.

Base Metal Alloys

These are strong and corrosion-resistant and are often used when there is less existing tooth structure available to support the crown restoration.